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Timeline: ISDB-T in the Philippines

It was really a long journey, and you could imagine then the frustration eh, ang tagal…

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Cheers… Happy New Year and Happy 3rd Anniversary!

The morning of New Year's Day in Manila, Philippines. Photo by Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

The morning of New Year’s Day in Manila, Philippines. Photo by Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

DTV Pilipinas is now on it’s third year. We’ve started in 2011 as a Gathering Place in Social Networking Sites to inform the Filipino People the benefits & advantages of this thing we call Digital Terrestrial Television.

Last Year has been memorable to all of us, from our revitalized look, to talking to important personalities in the industry, and even being invited by the National Telecommunications Commission.

We are almost there. The Philippine Government has officially chosen the Japanese ISDB-T system as the format for Digital TV in the country, but we won’t stop there.

This is the year of progress in Digital TV, and we will continue to inform and educate everyone, and move forward with this wonderful innovation as a public service to the Filipino people. We will continue to speak on behalf of the Filipino people, so that the people involved will hear them.

We will start the year with hope that our objectives will finally become reality. We will keep them informed, because as we have said before… No one should be left behind.