Terrestrial broadcaster GMA Network has launched on Wednesday, June 27 their Digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcast in Davao City.

Sources tell DTV Pilipinas that the launch was supposed to start on June 15, but was postponed due to some undisclosed technical issues.

The Digital TV broadcast can be received on any DTT device by scanning manually to UHF 37, or 611.143MHz.


The Digital TV broadcast is using the virtual channel 05.XX, which is the network’s analog channel in Davao City.

The DTT frequency contains the following channels:
05.01 – GMA (GMA TV-5 Davao simulcast)
05.02 – GNTV (GMA News TV)
05.03 – GMA 1SEG (GMA TV-5 Davao simulcast)

All channels are currently broadcasting in Standard definition, with the exception of the 1seg channel.


But there may also be some issues in receiving the DTT channel because some devices have disabled scanning UHF 37, including the “WIN DTV Box” by Royal Antennacraft Industries.

Allocation of television broadcast in UHF 37 is rare around the world, because the Federal Communications Commission in the United States has allocated the use of the frequency spectrum for radio astronomy since 1963.