Radio Philippines Network (RPN) has experienced technical difficulties in their Digital terrestrial TV (DTT) broadcasts tests in December last year, which forced them to go off-the-air.

A couple of weeks ago, the network has tried to restart their DTT broadcasts but experienced some issues, including their signal reception being limited only to certain areas outside Metro Manila.


A representative of RPN engineering team tells DTV Pilipinas they are aware of the comments by viewers regarding their DTT tests.

The representative explains, “[The network] is currently in the process of choosing which equipment would be appropriate to use for their DTT broadcast.”

“We are testing each individual transmitter provider, and should they pass our requirements then they will be the final equipment that will be used for transmission,” the representative adds.


The network also appealed to everyone, especially its viewers, not to believe and spread speculations about the company.

DTT broadcasts in the Philippines are still in “test broadcast” phase, which is why it is expected that changes will be made without prior notice.


Radio Philippines Network is broadcasting CNN Philippines programming through ISDB-T digital terrestrial TV on UHF 19 (503.143MHz) in Metro Manila and nearby areas.