Guidelines for Posts & Comments on Social Media

Guidelines for Posts & Comments on Social Media

DTV Pilipinas encourages everyone to use our official social networking sites as a way to have an online discussion about the latest news & topics, as well as interacting with the editorial team and fellow internet users.

Which is why DTV Pilipinas has formulated the following guidelines & policies on our social media accounts for everyone to have a meaningful and thoughtful discussions.


As such, DTV Pilipinas reserve the right to do the following:

  1. delete languages that could be interpreted as slanderous, libelous, vulgar, offensive, and racially-insensitive.
  2. delete posts that use “below-the-belt” attacks, and unsubstantiated accusations against any person, event, organization or company.
  3. delete photos, videos, links and other related materials that would promote any person, organization, company or event.

    If you have an activity or event that you want us to promote, you may inquire by sending us an email at, or sending us a private message on our social networking sites.

  4. delete comments and links that will promote & condone any form of piracy. Images and Video clips would be tolerated, but must be avoided.

  5. delete photos, video clips, comments and links that may promote & condone and all forms of pornography and extreme violence.
  6. delete comments that may be interpreted as spamming, including, but not limited to, intentional double posting, flooding, flame-baiting and the like.


We would also like to discourage our followers to avoid writing in ALL CAPS. Any post or comment that uses the said format will either be hidden or deleted.

We reserve the right to block you from posting or commenting to our page if in any case you committed a breach or a failure to follow our social media guidelines. We would also consider reporting your name and social media account to their respective administrators as spammers.

DTV Pilipinas also reserves the right to use your comment and post, as well as your name & profile picture, in any of our articles that will be published on our official website and social media.

Thank you very much!


These guidelines will be in effect on the following social media accounts:
TWITTER: @DTVPilipinas

Updated: June 17, 2018